Healing of Philomena Daniel at the "Marian Shrine of Gratitude"


My mother Philomena Daniel attended the Marian Novena at the Shrine on May 16th, 2010. Prior to this my mother was suffering from eye pain her right eye teared continuously swell leaving a dark patch around her eye. She had constant a intense pain around the pupil - (eye muscle). Due to this she also had severe head ache from this intensity.



While she was at the Shrine the priest distributed the picture of Our Blessed Mother from the Shrine.



On Monday she, looked at the very picture and prayed asking the Blessed Mother to heal her eyes just as She healed Fr. Basil Cembalista`s eyes.


Since Monday afternoon her eye has not teared, or she has any pain inside the eye and the swelling that was there diminished.

On Thursday, May 20th 2010 we made a trip to the Shine to give thanks to our blessed Mother for the healing She give to our mother.

Just as we arrived  we met a whole bunch of young youth along with their teacher Mrs, Angie Carboni - We gave our testimony and Proclaimed the Miracle and Said: "To Jesus  through Mary". We are grateful to our blessed Mother for all Sings (things)and wonders She is doing for us here on earth. Blessed Mother please pray for us sinners.

Thank you Mother Mary,

Love and peace

Sophia Daniel - daughter

Philomena D - Mother

Rozano - son of Philomena


Tomorrow, Saturday May 22 our mother Philomena will go back to India


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Rozano Daniel

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Tomorrow, Saturday May 22 our mother Philomena will go back to India

Toronto at the Basilian "Marian Shrine of Gratitude",

 May, 20, 2010